• FSC, SFI, CSA or ISO whatever method is used to certify wood, a chain of custody is required to pass on the certification. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has started the “Ontario Wood” program to license companies who use wood that has been sustainably harvested and milled in Ontario. A minimum of 75% of this wood has to originate in Ontario, the other 25% has to be responsibly harvested somewhere else in Canada. This license assures our customers that the wood we use has been harvested using responsible harvesting methods. If we had a “chain of custody” for any of the certification systems it would be lost because our customers and retailers don’t have the certification to pass it on. A “chain of custody” is expensive and time consuming and has to be renewed each year. The license also has to be renewed but isn’t expensive or time consuming. For more information check out .
  • We use only thin kerf saw blades, (.080”) to increase the recovery from the lumber we use.
  • We briquette our saw dust and shavings. These briquettes are burned in a boiler to help to heat our buildings. The remainder of the heat is generated with fire wood. The boiler we use is not an outdoor furnace. Five years ago we installed a hydronic heating system. It uses a European built down draft gasifier that is rated at 85% efficiency connected to a 900 gallon heat storage tank. A wood fire is most efficient if it is allowed to burn hot continuously, with our system heat needed for the buildings is taken, the remaining heat is transferred to the storage tank for use when the fuel is consumed.
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