Laurier Wood Craft was established manufacturing furniture in 1979. A need for doweling in different woods for our furniture led to manufacturing our own. In 1983 we started to manufacture and market our Expansible Dowel Pin ®.

We market our Expansible Dowel Pin ® and our NEW Compressed Loose Tenons under our JustJoinery ® brand.

Over the years we have made many changes and improvements to our machinery and methods. Most changes were aimed at maximizing lumber recovery and efficiency while maintaining or improving quality. Modifications to tooling, machines and processes have been to this end. Maximum use of time and materials resulted in briquetting our saw dust and shavings. These briquettes are burnt to help heat our buildings.

Exciting new developments in processing our Expansible Dowel Pin ® are currently in the works. Efficiency will be increased substantially while maintaining quality and dimensional stability.

2014 marks our 31st year manufacturing our market leading Expansible Dowel Pin ® and marks the beginning of production of our NEW Compressed Loose Tenons.

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